China's peacekeepers lauded for repairing vital road during rainy season in Sudan

Chen Zhuo
2019-09-25 08:18:43

KHARTOUM, Sept. 24 (Xinhua) -- The African Union-United Nations Hybrid Operation (UNAMID) has praised China's peacekeepers for rehabilitating a vital road during the rainy season in Sudan's Darfur region, Chinese peacekeeping officers told Xinhua on Tuesday.

Since the beginning of August, most states of Sudan have been struck by heavy rains, which cut off main roads across the country, officers from the 15th Chinese Peacekeeping Force of Engineers to Sudan said.

In North Darfur, the road between Golo and Kabkabiya is a vital link during the rainy season because it is used to bring food supplies and other critical humanitarian aid services to Golo and surrounding villages.

Chinese peacekeepers were tasked with rehabilitating the road, a nine-km stretch of which was completely impassable due to pits and erosion caused by the heavy rain.

In August, the UNAMID officers visited and inspected the rehabilitation of the road, and praised the efforts of the Chinese peacekeepers for opening up a new pathway for the life in Golo and nearby villages.

According to Sudan's Humanitarian Aid Commission, 78 people died in recent heavy rains and floods in Sudan.

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