China-Pakistan "Warrior VII" joint drill enters second stage

China Military Online
Xu Yi
2019-12-23 17:57:13

By Chang Yuyu, Shan Chuanyang and Huang Zongxing

PABBI, Pakistan, Dec.23 (ChinaMil) -- On December 17, after a long distance maneuver, the special operations forces participating in the China-Pakistan "Warrior VII" joint military drill transferred to their new training ground, the Pakistan’s National Counter Terrorism Training Centre (NCTC) in Pabbi, and started the second stage of the drill.

It was learned that all the participating troops were divided into mixed groups to conduct training. At the first stage, the troops completed a number of courses including assault, sniper and blast at a training base in Cherat, Pakistan. After their transfer to the NCTC in Pabbi, the troops started the second stage of training featuring team tactics.

According to the commanding officer of the Chinese participating troops, officers and soldiers of the two militaries have set up close fellowship on the training ground since the start of the second stage of training. They learned and exchanged anti-terrorist techniques and tactics, jointly studied the commanding and planning methods, and accumulated valuable experience to enhance their counter-terrorist combat capabilities.


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