Yemeni war-affected children seen at slum in Sanaa

Yemeni war-affected children are seen at a slum in Sanaa, Yemen, April 20, 2020. UN Undersecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Mark Lowcock warned on Thursday that the world body will have to close 31 of its 41 aid programs in Yemen in a few weeks as a result of lack of funds. "This means we will have to start eliminating many of the activities that may offer Yemenis' best chance to avoid COVID-19," Lowcock told the Security Council in a virtual briefing. The UN Children's Fund will have to stop immediate assistance for families displaced by conflict or natural disasters. That means up to 1 million displaced people would not receive critical supplies, including hygiene items that help protect against diseases like cholera and COVID-19, he said. (Photo by Mohammed Mohammed/Xinhua)

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