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Chen Zhuo
2020-05-27 16:32:03

Exposure of Ulterior Motives Behind Stigmatization of China with COVID-19 (Part VIII)


By Jun Sheng


For quite some time, certain American politicians have rampantly slandered China through politicization and stigmatization to deflect domestic problems and shirk responsibilities for the poor pandemic response at home, They have not only accused China of cover-up and delayed response, but also instigated other countries to claim reparations from China. Furthermore, they have even aimed their vicious tongue at the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), which has made important contributions to pandemic prevention and control.


While the PLA was actively supporting civil epidemic response and making all-out efforts to help fight the coronavirus in Wuhan and Hubei province, the American journal Foreign Policy published on its website an article concocted by a former US official titled “China’s Military Can’t Deliver on Humanitarian Promises”, which claimed that the PLA had been absent from the anti-virus efforts and reminded Asia-Pacific countries not to count on China’s help. The true intention behind the article was to sow discord between the PLA and the Chinese people, and deliberately disparage the PLA’s image during the anti-epidemic battle.

就在中国人民解放军积极支援地方疫情防控,全力以赴投入湖北保卫战、武汉保卫战的时候,美国《外交政策》网站蹦出一篇美离任官员炮制的文章,题为《中国军队无法兑现人道主义承诺》,称中国人民解放军在这次抗击疫情中“明显缺席”,还“提醒”亚太国家不要指望中国的帮助。其险恶用心, 就是挑拨中国人民解放军与人民之间的感情,刻意贬低我军抗疫形象。

Nobody knows better the absurdity of rumors than the rumormongers. Contrary to what the article argues, the PLA is a staunch force in safeguarding world peace and has been at the vanguard in fighting the epidemic. Since the coronavirus broke out, Chinese service members took immediate actions upon orders and undertook the most difficult, dangerous, and arduous tasks on the front line. They arrived where they were most needed at a time of adversity and pulled out silently when victory was achieved. They practiced to the fullest the tenet of serving the people whole-heartedly, demonstrated their capabilities of fighting and winning battles, and wrote a new chapter of the close bond between the military and the people in the new era. An international observer commented that “the Chinese military’s performance in anti-epidemic response is worthy of all applause.”


In the meantime, the PLA has actively fulfilled its international obligations. As of May 15, it had provided material supplies or assigned anti-epidemic experts to the militaries of different countries, including Iran, Pakistan, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Lebanon, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Brunei. China’s military medical experts shared anti-virus experiences via video conferences with their counterparts from other countries, including Pakistan, Singapore, Russia, South Africa, and Indonesia. The PLA focused on cooperation with foreign defense authorities and militaries to jointly weather through this difficult period and disperse the cloud of the pandemic with the sunshine of cooperation. They have safeguarded our common home through solidarity and delivered powerful positive energy to the world.

同时,中国军队积极履行国际主义义务。截至5月15日,中国军队分别向伊朗、巴基斯坦、缅甸、老挝、柬埔寨、越南、黎巴嫩、印度尼西亚、菲律宾、马来西亚、文莱等国军队提供物资援助或派遣抗疫专家组。中国军队抗疫医疗专家还分别与巴基斯坦、新加坡、俄罗斯、南非、印度尼西亚等国军队医疗专家召开防疫经验分享视频会议。中国军队同各国防务部门和军队加强抗疫国际合作,同舟共济,共克时艰,让合作的阳光驱散疫情的阴霾,用团结的力量守护共同的家园, 向全世界传递出强大正能量。

The truth speaks louder than any defamation. Unfortunately, America’s defense officials have joined the anti-China chorus since the COVID-19 outbreak by repeatedly accusing the Communist Party of China (CPC) of spreading disinformation. How outrageously unbelievable! As a matter of fact, the Chinese side has maintained an open, transparent, and responsible approach throughout this anti-epidemic battle in which the PLA has played a positive part. It is crystal clear for the world that the CPC has played a leading role in this people’s war against the virus, and the PLA has been standing by the people all the time. Any attempt to sever or even shake this bond will be futile.


The COVID-19 pandemic is not only a touchstone but also a magic mirror. The clowns will only become more repulsive with their unwelcome falsities, and smearing China will only add to their track record of dirty tricks. What’s underneath is the American politicians’ sinister intention of finding a scapegoat for their incompetence in preventing and controlling the pandemic at home. Their obnoxious moves have exposed their rogue logic and hegemonic nature to the fullest.


Notably, while several of its aircraft carriers and military vessels were deeply troubled by the epidemic with a rising number of confirmed cases, the US has recently ramped up military activities in waters and airspace around China by sending military planes and ships to make constant provocations in the South China Sea. We are strongly opposed to these moves. Facts have proved once again that the US is the primary force pushing for militarizing the South China Sea and a trouble maker undermining regional security and stability. The PLA will stay on high alert, determined to defend national sovereignty, security and development interests and maintain peace and stability in the region. We advise the US to stop its hegemonic actions, focus more on controlling the pandemic at home, and stop flexing muscles at other countries’ doorstep.


It’s much easier to move mountains than shake the PLA. History has proved and will continue to prove that no matter how the external environment changes, the PLA will remain a people’s military under the absolute leadership of the CPC. The Chinese nation cherishes peace, and the Chinese military has the confidence, resolve, and capability to safeguard national dignity and peace. No force will ever stop China’s steps forward.


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