Reality Check of U.S. Unilateral Demand for China to Close Consulate-General in Houston

Chen Zhuo
2020-07-29 17:41:52

10. False: The Chinese Consulate-General in Houston openly criticized Hong Kong pro-democracy camp and supported nationalist counter protests on campus. The Consulate-General has planted informants on campus, tried to influence Chinese students through propaganda and undermined freedom of speech.

True: The “China-supported counter protests”, as claimed by the US, were spontaneous, rational patriotic actions by Chinese students in exercising their freedom of speech. It is the US who has intentionally condoned anti-China actions on campus by certain rioters seeking to destabilize Hong Kong.

◆ Certain anti-China elements seeking to destabilize Hong Kong openly made radical remarks and inflamed violence on campus in total disregard of law. The Chinese students only came together to express their outrage in what is spontaneous, rational patriotic action. In doing so, they are also exercising their freedom of speech.

◆ China firmly opposes any separatist rhetoric or action. We support Chinese students’ desire and aspiration to safeguard the unity of the country and the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong, and encourage them to abide by local laws and regulations and express their patriotic sentiments rationally.

◆ The US is using the pretext of “human rights” and “democracy” to whitewash the radical, violent criminal acts by anti-China forces seeking to destabilize Hong Kong, and condone their behaviors on US campus. The US has no interest whatsoever in the safety and well-being of Hong Kong residents. It only cares about its own selfish interests and hegemony, and has been using “human rights” and “democracy” as a fig leaf to interfere in other countries’ domestic affairs.


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