Chinese PLA Navy completes 2020 pilot cadet recruitment

China Military Online
Li Wei
2020-08-11 17:31:34

BEIJING, Aug. 11 -- The Chinese Navy has recently completed its annual pilot cadet recruitment in 2020. A total of more than 16,000 students actively participated in the recruitment, and lots of outstanding talents with carrier-based aircraft flight potential came to the fore after multiple rounds of selection.

The naval pilot cadet recruitment work this year has three characteristics. First, the number of pilot cadets enrolled has achieved a breakthrough, with more recruited than planned. Second, the college entrance examination scores of these enrolled high school graduates have far exceeded the cut-off point of the first batch of universities, reaching a record high in recruitment quality and efficiency. Third, a third of the enrolled candidates are from the Youth Aviation Schools affiliated to the PLA Navy, which fully proves the effectiveness of the training model of military-civilian integration.

According to Chu Hanqiang, director of the PLA Navy Pilot Recruitment Office, the number of carrier-based fighter pilot cadets enrolled reached 49 percent of the total enrollment in 2020, which can effectively meet the needs of the PLA Navy’s aircraft carrier development. Moreover, the pilot cadets come from 22 provinces and cities around China, making the geographic sources of these cadets more diversified.

With the further transformation of the PLA Navy, the demand for carrier-based aircraft flight personnel has multiplied in recent years. For the selection of better carrier-based aircraft pilot cadets, this year's recruitment testing adopted new medical identification standards for the first time. The new standards focus on the screening of corneal topography, visual contrast sensitivity, stereo vision, vestibular and spine functions.

In terms of psychological quality testing, a carrier-based flight potential testing platform was added for the first time, along with new psychological selection standards. Finally, pilot cadets for the carrier-based fighter jets were selected based on the college entrance examination scores and psychological testing results.

It is learnt that after enrollment, these pilot cadets will receive various professional training in different military and civilian universities.


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