PLA's new insulated cabin debuts for plateau border defense

China Military Online
Huang Panyue
2020-10-10 14:33:24

BEIJING, Oct. 9 -- Recently, a new dismountable self-energized insulated cabin has been deployed to the PLA frontier defense troops stationed in the plateau, marking a new breakthrough in logistics support for large-scale and fast field camping in high-altitude and alpine regions.

Developed by the PLA Army Engineering University, the insulated cabin comprises the dorm, canteen, integrated washing room, dry self-cleaning bathroom, warehouse, micro grid, and heating device, totaling seven modules. It mainly serves troops stationed in plateau and alpine areas where transportation and logistics support are challenging. This “self-energized” plug-and-play cabin will make the troops less reliant on long-distance fuel delivery.

With strong plateau adaptability, the insulated cabin can function normally in areas at the elevation of 5,500m in the temperature of -55℃ (-67℉), and with various transportation conditions. Featuring a short assembly time and easy operation, the cabin can be installed in areas without water, electricity. The dismountable unit can fit into various spaces with over 90% of its components reusable.

The cabin’s heating system combining passive solar house and active solar collectors ensures a good insulating performance that keeps the temperature in the cabin at 15℃(59℉) or above when it is -40℃(-40℉) outside, and diesel heaters can be used at times of emergency when it rains or snows ceaselessly. The cabin adopts a biodegradable dry self-cleaning bathroom, and the integrated PV-based micro grid ensures energy self-sufficiency.

It is learned that the new dismountable self-energized insulated cabin is mainly used by the frontier and coastal defense troops stationed on plateaus or in alpine regions to support their combat readiness operations and training exercises in extreme weather conditions.

In the past two years, the insulated cabin has been put into use at a few sentry posts on plateaus or in alpine regions and has stood the test of extreme geographical and weather conditions.



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