PLA border troops in Ngari move into new barracks

China Military Online
Wang Xinjuan
2020-10-20 23:20:45

By Li Bo and Gao Peng

NGARI, Oct. 20 -- Officers and soldiers assigned to a border defense regiment stationed in the Ngari prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region, moved into the new barracks before the National Day.

The average altitude of the Ngari prefecture is over 4,500 meters. The lowest temperature in winter can reach minus 30 degrees Celsius. The lowest oxygen content of the air is only 40 percent of that of the plain area. The harsh natural environment puts forward special requirements for barracks construction.

The above conditions were put into full consideration during the planning and designing stage and more than 30 new construction technologies were introduced into the construction of the new barracks. Targeted designs ensure the new barracks for plateau troops have sufficient water and electricity supply, in addition, the new barracks have a heating system, oxygen inhaling devices, bath rooms and gyms.

In the new barracks, stairs and corridors in the dormitory area have been widened for the rapid assembly of service members. The warehouse of combat readiness materials and the garage are seamlessly connected to facilitate rapid maneuver of troops.


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