Expert suggests taking countermeasures against US' provocative military planes around China

China Military Online
Chen Lufan
2020-11-25 16:31:51

By Cao Weidong

The US has recently sent multiple military aircraft to make provocations around China, including multiple types of reconnaissance planes and strategic bombers. In response to such frequent provocations around China, Senior Colonel Wu Qian, spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of National Defense, said in an earlier regular press conference that “the Chinese stance is always clear in this regard: we oppose and are unafraid of the US provocations." 

Military expert Cao Weidong suggested that China could take corresponding countermeasures according to the US side’s different plane types, different routes and their possible tasks.

First, China needs to check the aircraft, regardless of its camouflage or size, to verify which country it comes from, what type it is, and what mission it is going to carry out.

Second, China needs to track and monitor the aircraft. If the plane follows a route far from us and doesn’t pose a serious threat, China may just choose a defensive approach by turning off relevant radio or temporarily cut off important communication facilities to prevent its detection.

Third, if the plane flies close to us and conducts repeated reconnaissance or provocations around China, we should send warplanes to approach it; if its route is too close to our territorial waters or airspace, we should send warnings; and, if it dares to infringe upon China’s airspace, we should let it has no chance to go back ever again.

In sum, China must make full preparations.

(The author Cao Weidong is a military expert and military commentator for China Central Television. All information in the article is the author's own opinion, not necessarily reflecting the views of


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