PLA realizes oxygen supply at all posts above 3,000m

China Military Online
Wang Xinjuan
2020-11-25 18:06:41
Soldiers inhale oxygen.


By Sun Xingwei and Wu Duoqi

BEIJING, Nov. 25 -- Four types of single-soldier devices for oxygen generation and supply have been distributed to border troops on plateaus for trial use, which indicated that the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) had realized oxygen supply at all posts above the altitude of 3,000m, according to an officer from the Health Bureau of Logistic Support Department under China's Central Military Commission (CMC). With this, an oxygen supply system pillared by fixed oxygen generating package units and supplemented by small oxygen generators and cylinders has been basically established.

Oxygen is extremely important to soldiers stationed on the plateau. To ensure sufficient and efficient oxygen supply for service members stationed in high-altitude regions, the CMC Logistic Support Department has been developing oxygen generation and supply facilities and devices for those troops stationed above 3,000m since 2013. In addition to installing oxygen generating units and high-pressure oxygen cabins, it has also distributed plateau oxygen vehicles and small-scale oxygen generators and cylinders for plateau troops, who have access to oxygen inhalation in bed, at any time.

An one-hour oxygen inhalation has been included in the daily routine of soldiers in sentry posts above more than 4,000m, and oxygen inhalation has been realized at all posts above 3,000m. As a result, the incidence of acute high-altitude diseases among service members has dropped considerably in the past five years, giving a substantial boost to the troops’ combat capabilities.

Next, the PLA will continue to improve the development and layout of oxygen-supply stations and explore more ways to guarantee oxygen supply at high altitudes, so as to meet the oxygen demand of plateau troops during patrol, training and high-speed march.

A device controller operates the oxygen generator for soldiers.



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