China cracks down on illegal manufacture and sale of military uniforms

China Military Online
Chen Lufan
2020-12-01 17:15:28

By Gao Lei and Sun Xingwei

BEIJING, Dec. 1 -- After nearly five months of joint efforts, the illegal manufacture, sale and use of military uniforms in China has been effectively curbed as of late November, with the public being more aware of rules and laws concerning military uniforms.

In recent years, crimes related to illegal manufacture, sale, and use of military uniforms have been increasing, which has harmed the image of military members and disrupted social order.

Thus a nationwide crackdown operation was launched by eight related departments from both China’s government and military in July of 2020 to curb such illegal behaviors and maintain the Chinese military’s image.

To address the lax production supervision, illegal sales, and loose management of uniform wearing and use, the military and local governmental authorities at various levels inspected online platforms, markets and enterprises, tracking down and closing illegal production and sale bases.

Moreover, the crackdown operation also regulated the unauthorized purchase and use of military uniforms either for militia training, or for construction works, students' military training, etc.


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