China solicits public opinions for newly revised conscription regulations


China Military Online
Wang Xinjuan
2021-07-05 20:39:49

北京,7月5日 -- 全国征兵网近日公布《征兵工作条例(修订草案)》,于2021年7月2日至2021年8月2日期间,向全体社会成员征求意见和建议。

BEIJING, July. 5 -- China has published a draft of the revised regulations on conscription work on the national conscription website, in a bid to solicit public opinions from July 2 to August 2, 2021.


The current Regulations on Conscription Work was promulgated on October 24, 1985, and was once revised in September 2001. The latest revision work was launched in 2019, and the 55 articles in 10 chapters in the current regulations will be revised into 77 articles in 12 chapters.


The newly published draft stipulates that China shall establish an inter-ministerial joint conference system for conscription work and improve the normalized organization and leadership mechanism for conscription work.


In order to adapt to the development trend of the information age, the draft clearly incorporates the informatization development of recruitment work into the national e-government planning and construction, so as to realize information sharing and business coordination between military service agencies and relevant government departments.


In addition, the new draft highlights the recruitment of high-quality soldiers, closely follows the target of "focusing on college students" and prioritizes the recruitment of college graduates and those who have special advantages in political, physical conditions or professional skills. The draft also clarifies that soldiers who have been discharged from active service can enjoy service preferential treatment during their second recruitment. For example, the discharged conscripts who meet the qualifications for sergeants can be directly recruited as sergeants.


At the same time, the draft also strengthens the principle of law-based conscription and specifies all personnel involving with recruitment work as legal responsibility subjects. To address possible contradictions caused by the return of recruits, the draft establishes a support and rescue mechanism, as well as a dispute mediation and appeal mechanism.


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