Shared Destiny-2021:New unmanned equipment unveiled on peacekeeping training ground

China Military Online
Wang Xinjuan
2021-09-14 23:10:37
A soldier is operating an explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) robot to clear explosives during the specialized training of the Shared Destiny-2021 UN peacekeeping field training exercise on September 8. (Xinhua/Liu Fang)

By Sun Xingwei and Li Weixin

ZHENGZHOU, Sept. 14 -- In the ongoing Shared Destiny-2021 UN peacekeeping field training exercise in Queshan of Henan Province, China, a variety of unmanned and intelligent equipment showcased their capabilities in the field training.

"We constructed the exercise environment based on realistic scenarios and applied a large number of equipment such as drones and unmanned vehicles. This is the first time that the Chinese military has introduced unmanned equipment in a peacekeeping exercise," said Yin Panju, leader of the exercise planning team.

At the training site, the infantry contingent was conducting battlefield reconnaissance, in preparation for the following construction of the temporary operation base (TOB). Four drones quickly flew over the sky to conduct reconnaissance task.

Real-time images sent back by the four drones were shown on the large screen display in the exercise directing room. Two drones sent back visible light images of several “civilians” moving around multiple roads and the TOB, at the same time, two thermal imaging drones found “civilians” grazing in the dense forest on the west side of the TOB. "Compared to relying solely on scouts, reconnaissance UAV is faster, covers wider range and provides more information," said Mu Ruichun, a squad leader of the infantry contingent.

On the other side of the training site, the engineering contingent was operating EOD drones and robots for explosive searching and handling training. "There are many dangers and uncontrollable factors in the on-site EOD operations conducted by peacekeepers wearing explosion-proof suits," Sergeant First Class Yang Sun said. "With the EOD drones and robots in place, both the safety and efficiency of the EOD operations can be greatly improved."

In the disinfection training, the medical contingent also used drones to do aerial disinfection of the TOB and the periphery area. And in the armed escort training, the reconnaissance-and-strike integrated unmanned vehicle was used in reconnaissance and search in dangerous and complex areas.

"Wheeled reconnaissance unmanned vehicles, wheeled special patrol vehicles, tracked team support unmanned vehicles and other equipment will also appear on the training ground later," Yin said. The exercise will help explore the practical application of unmanned equipment in peacekeeping operations and boost the continuous upgrade of the peacekeepers’ capability to carry out diversified military missions.


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