New thermal insulation cabins deployed for PLA border defense troops

China Military Online
Li Wei
2021-11-22 17:11:11

By Li Bo, Man Yinde

BEIJING, Nov. 22 -- The plateau troops stationed in the Karakoram Mountains, which sits in the northwestern border area of China, have to face extremely harsh environment all the year due to the high elevation, oxygen-deprived air and extremely cold weather. However, with a new type of dismountable self-powered thermal insulation cabins coming into service in October, their living conditions have been effectively improved.

The newly-deployed third-generation insulation cabin is equipped with a diesel heater, which can transmit the warm air in all directions via blower, making the temperature in the cabin reach about 20°C. According to a soldier assigned to a firepower regiment under the PLA Xinjiang Military Command, this diesel heater features high heat-producing capability and can increase the indoor temperature to 15°C or 20°C from 0°C within two hours, which is much faster compared with boiler heating.

Chang Jiliang, a chief manager of the cabin project, introduced that the third-generation cabin has achieved high-efficiency heat storage, and has a large-span space, which can be used as a basic physical training field, recreational and sports activity room, or even the garage.

In addition, the constant-temperature water heater in the cabin makes the 24-hour hot water supply available so that the service members can take a hot shower every day. This has solved a major problem that always plagued the troops on the plateau.

In recent years, apart from the third-generation thermal cabin, plateau vegetable factories, micro-pressure oxygen cabins and other facilities have been distributed to various border defense posts on the plateau. The upgraded support measures have greatly facilitated the troops’ lives, and greatly enhanced their confidence in defending the border.


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