J-10CE fighter jets debut in Pakistan Day Parade

China Military Online
Xu Yi
2022-03-24 18:48:56
The J-10CE fighter jets soar through sky in the Pakistan Day parade, Islamabad, March 23,2022.

ISLAMABAD, March 24 -- In the annual parade held in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, to celebrate the 82nd Pakistan Day on March 23, the newly inducted Chinese J-10CE fighter jets made a debut.

Five J-10CE fighter jets participated in the military parade. Two of them formed a three-aircraft formation with another F-16 jet, leading the entire flight echelon. The other three J-10CE fighter jets appeared in the eighth echelon. In addition to the J-10CE, the JF-17 and J-7PG fighter jets also flew over the parade ground for review.

The date of Pakistan Day, March 23, also marks the 24th anniversary of the successful maiden flight of the J-10 fighter jet. Its prototype‘s maiden flight succeeded on the same day in 1998, marking that China became the fifth country in the world capable of independently developing third-generation fighter jets. Now, as China's new-generation main battle aircraft, the J-10 has developed into the J-10A, J-10B, and J-10C series of fighter jets, and some models have been exported in a systematic manner.


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