China to include outstanding veterans and their stories in local chronicles

China Military Online
Lin Congyi
2022-05-23 17:39:32

BEIJING, May 23 – Recently, the Ministry of Veterans Affairs of China, the Office of Chinese Local Chronicles Guidance Group, the CMC Political Work Department, and the CMC National Defense Mobilization Department jointly issued the trial methods on including the stories of veterans who have made outstanding contributions in chronicles.

The Methods, consisting of 26 articles, specified the division of duties for the relevant military and civilian authorities, and detailed the conditions and procedures for including the veterans and their stories in the provincial, municipal or prefecture-level, and county-level chronicles.

The local chronicles mentioned in the Methods include chronicles, yearbooks, and other reference literature that systematically count the natural, political, economic, cultural and social state of the local administrative region.

The issuance of the Methods is a part of China's efforts to implement the Veterans Support Law of the People's Republic of China and perfect the honor system for veterans. It will further encourage the service members to contribute to the national defense, and foster a social environment where people respect and admire military heroes who have made great contribution to the military and national defense.


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