54,000 soldiers take military academy entrance exam

China Military Online
Wang Xinjuan
2022-06-08 17:52:48


BEIJING, June 8 -- The written exam of China's military academy entrance examination for active soldiers for the year 2022 kicked off on June 7. Fifty-four-thousand soldier examinees took the tests at 158 exam site s scattered in 91 cities across China.

It is learned that the military academy entrance examination is a crucial part for military talent cultivation. It consists of two parts: the exam on common military subjects and the written exam on cultural subjects.

The exam on common military subjects, which is organized by units above the division level, examines the foot drill, operation of light weapons, fundamental tactical movements, and physical fitness.

The written exam on cultural subjects can only be taken for those who passed the military exam, and the results will be fully incorporated into the final grade.

The written exam is organized in a unified manner and can be divided into two categories - one for recruiting growing officers, and the other one for recruiting non-commissioned officers in accordance with the targets of talent cultivation. Soldier examinees need to take tests on subjects including Chinese, mathematics, politics, the military, physics, chemistry, history, and English.

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