Military hospital develops VR field rescue training info system


China Military Online
Wang Xinjuan
2022-08-03 22:53:02
A nurse working with the Fourth Medical Center of the PLA General Hospital wearing VR glasses and smart gloves receives field rescue expertise assessment via the field rescue training information system.

北京8月3日电 -- 近日,解放军总医院第四医学中心运用虚拟现实技术搭建野战救护训练信息系统。

BEIJING, Aug. 3 -- Recently, the Fourth Medical Center of the PLA General Hospital designed a field rescue training information system with virtual reality technology.

系统研发领衔者、该中心普通外科护士长郭艳艳介绍,开发这一系统旨在围绕未来战争战场救护特点, 改善护士在模拟真实战场环境中暴露出来的动作慌乱和救护效果欠佳等问题。

According to Guo Yanyan, head of the system’s R&D team and head nurse of general surgery department of the center, in the past field rescue drills with simulated real battlefield environment, nurses were apt to show panic in the wounded rescue operations, which would inevitably reduce the rescue effectiveness. The development of the system aims to solve the problem by taking the characteristics of battlefield rescue in future wars into consideration.


It is learned that the system can create a virtual combat atmosphere such as artillery strike, battle damage control, battle flames and gunpowder smoke, explosion sounds, and serious battle injuries. By wearing VR glasses and smart gloves, nurses can practice self and mutual rescue subjects including tourniquet application, bandaging and fixing, and classified evacuation of the wounded, in the virtual reality battlefield environment.


At the same time, the psychological evaluation module of the system is connected to the operator through electrode pads to accurately measure his/her heart rate, blood pressure, and evaluate the operator's psychological state in real time, so as to give psychological intervention in time.


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