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Military drills to push Russia-NATO relations to new low
The week-long Russia-Belarus joint military drills Zapad-2017 (West-2017) ended Wednesday, and yet anxious speculations around them from western countries are still continuing to hover.
09-22 11:20:37
More troops to Afghanistan cannot get America out of dilemma
There is no doubt that the increase of troops by the Trump government may curb the spread of extremist organizations, but it is useless for pushing the peace process in Afghanistan.
09-15 17:47:34
Five strategic benefits of Russia's military operations in Syria
The Russian defense ministry released news on September 8 that Russian military forces in Syria recently destroyed a command station of the extremist organization Islamic State(IS) and killed four important leaders including its "defense minister".
09-14 17:21:13
As military options failed, U.S. must focus on political process, dialogue in Afghanistan
A senior Afghan journalist Najam Borhani said the United States should either hold direct talks with the Taliban or stand with the government of President Ashraf Ghani to work for reconciliation with the Taliban insurgents and also involve regional countries in the process.
09-13 08:23:21
Iran "successfully" launches ballistic missile, TV reports
Iran has "successfully" launched a ballistic missile with a range of 2,000 km, the country's Press TV reported on Saturday.
09-23 17:40:15
U.S., Russian militaries hold face-to-face talks on Syria
U.S. and Russian military officials had met face-to-face somewhere in the Middle East this week on de-confliction measures in the fight against the Islamic State (IS) in Syria, the Pentagon said on Thursday.
09-22 08:53:43
Military tensions rise in western Libya
The neighboring cities of Libya's western city Sabratha are witnessing continuous military reinforcements, as rival military groups in the city continue to clash.
09-22 08:47:00
U.S. Marine Corps will soon get first female Infantry Officer
The U.S. Marine Corps is expected to assign its first female infantry officer next week, the service said in a statement Thursday.
09-22 08:35:52