What does the reduction of Okinawa-based US Marine Corps imply?
It seems that the US has made concessions by reducing the number of US troops stationed in Japan. But as a matter of fact, the US military has not announced its complete withdrawal and the US still has its military base in Okinawa.
05-20 20:59:53
US and DPRK sound each other out in new round game
The US repeatedly pressurized on the DPRK, but it does not want to give up its diplomatic efforts. There is room for both sides. However, provocations do nothing to help resolve disputes. Once a misjudgment occurs, all the previous efforts may be lost in vain.
05-16 17:42:10
Expert: Don't underestimate US warlike tradition as it is essentially a dangerous nation
Recently, the US deployed the USS Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group and a bomber task force to the Persian Gulf. Some analysts are speculating about the possibility that US military might strike against Iran.
05-14 17:58:52
What signals does US carrier strike group deployment to Middle East send to Iran?
The motive of the US high-profile announcement to deploy the USS Aircraft Carrier Strike Group to the Middle East is to send two clear and unmistakable signals. First, the US intends to renew its strong strike power in the Middle East. Second, the US wants to increase its military deterrence against Iran.
05-14 01:46:34
Lebanon arrests 4 suspected terrorists
Lebanon's state security authorities arrested on Monday four Syrian nationals who are "members of terrorist groups," local media reported.
05-21 01:26:54
16 militants killed in S. Afghan airstrikes
Sixteen Taliban militants were killed following airstrikes in two Afghanistan's southern provinces, Afghan Ministry of Defense said Saturday.
05-19 00:28:33
Sudan's military council suspends talks with opposition for 72 hours
Sudan's Transitional Military Council (TMC) on Thursday announced suspension of talks with the major opposition forces for 72 hours.
05-17 00:17:23
Iran says fully prepared to counter military threats
The Islamic republic is at the highest level of preparedness to counter any military threat against the country, Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami said here on Wednesday.
05-16 16:23:50