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Japan to send largest warship to S.China Sea: report
Japan reportedly plans to send its largest warship through the South China Sea, a move that Chinese experts said would demonstrate Japan's determination to interfere in the maritime disputes.
03-15 07:31:42
PLA Daily: Why does Ghost Fleet strike a chord with the Pentagon?
From the perspective of maintaining peace and well-being of the people of the world, we sincerely hope that it is only a novel. But we cannot be more vigilant against this Cold War mindset that does everything possible to find the enemy and set the enemy up.
03-08 16:19:15
Defense budgets increase in all major countries
The total national defense budget in the world saw normal growth for 13 years from 1998, had a slight slump in 2011-2014, and resumed continuous growth in 2015.
03-07 17:54:35
Russia breaks America's anti-missile containment
South Korea and the US are accelerating the deployment of the THAAD anti-missile system, which has triggered strong opposition from Russia as it worries that the system will penetrate its territory and undermine its security.
03-03 16:47:46
Russia, Tajikistan hold joint anti-terror drill
Russian and Tajik forces troops started on Monday a four-day counter-terrorist exercise in the southern part of Tajikistan, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.
03-27 22:34:07
Myanmar defense chief pledges to achieve lasting peace
Myanmar's Commander-in-Chief of the Defense Services said on Monday that the armed forces will meke lasting peace under the peace principles laid down by the military under supervision of the government.
03-27 16:12:24
Military officers from 13 countries in Rwanda for joint training
About 200 military officers from 13 African countries are meeting in Rwanda for joint military drills.
03-26 13:18:27
DPRK says not to participate in UN conference on nuclear weapons
The DPRK said Friday that it will not participate in the upcoming United Nations conference on negotiating a legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons, leading towards their total elimination.
03-25 00:11:16