Poland's decline of German air defense system reflects deeper rift
Following the Poland missile incident, Germany was ready to provide Poland with the Patriot air defense system, but the Polish defense minister later said they had requested Germany to deploy the system in Ukraine. The two countries have been constantly at odds recently.
12-01 16:05:55
US-Philippines defense cooperation intensified?
America's plan to build five new military sites in the country is a sign of the warming-up of bilateral military ties, which, though likely to encounter obstacles in implementation, will nevertheless further deepen the alliance and make a major difference in the regional security situation.
11-22 17:23:38
Equipping US submarines with UUVs not smart move
The deployment of immature UUV by the US Navy to the Pacific Fleet and the Asia-Pacific region will threaten the military security of other relevant countries and force them to take countermeasures, and it will also lead to security accidents due to unreliable equipment.
11-11 17:44:56
US should repair military relations to build trust
The US' 2022 National Security Strategy, issued on Oct 12, identifies China as the United States' "most consequential geopolitical challenge" and "the only competitor with… the intent to reshape the international order", and prioritizes "out-competing China and constraining Russia" as its goal. Increasing anxiety and a sense of crisis have driven the US to woo its allies in the Asia-Pacific region to strengthen its alliances in order to check China's rise, which has dealt a big blow to China-US military trust.
11-03 08:57:13
Somali forces take over key town from al-Shabab
Somali security forces on Monday took over Adan Yabal, a strategic town in the Middle Shabelle region, central Somalia after fierce fighting with al-Shabab extremists, the African Union mission confirmed on Tuesday.
12-07 16:32:46
3 killed as Ukrainian drones strike airfields deep inside Russia
Ukraine launched a drone attack against two military airfields deep inside Russia on Monday morning, leaving three Russian servicemen dead and four others injured, the Russian Defense Ministry said.
12-06 16:59:42
Iran accuses U.S. of "seeking to cause chaos" to force concessions in nuke talks
The Iranian foreign minister on Sunday accused the United States, along with some other Western countries, of "seeking to cause chaos" in Iran to force its concessions in the talks on reviving a 2015 nuclear deal.
12-05 13:44:05
Israel strikes Gaza in response to rocket firing
Israeli fighter jets on Sunday carried out a series of airstrikes on facilities belonging to militant groups in the Gaza Strip in response to rockets fired from the coastal enclave, Palestinian eyewitnesses said.
12-04 14:54:49