Major joint exercises between Chinese and foreign militaries in 2017

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Zhang Tao



"Peace-17" multinational maritime joint military exercise

Keywords: Multinational maritime joint military exercise, diversified tasks

The 4-day "Peace-17" multinational maritime joint exercise began on Feb. 10, 2017 in Karachi, Pakistan and its adjacent sea areas. Ships, aircraft and special operations forces from China, Russia, Pakistan, U.S., Australia and other countries conducted formation movement, joint search and rescue, air defense and other joint exercises at 20 different areas.

In this exercise, the Chinese naval taskforce completed drills on light weapon shooting, anti-terrorist and anti-piracy, air defense, joint maritime blockades and maritime fleet reviewing and other subjects.

The exercise enhanced mutual understanding and communication among navies. It also helped promote exchanges and cooperation in the future and enhance the capability of performing diversified tasks.


"Tianshan -3 (2017)" joint anti-terrorism exercise

Keywords: Anti-terrorism, international law enforcement cooperation

A joint counter-terrorism exercise conducted by border defense agencies of China and Kyrgyzstan of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) codenamed "Tianshan-3 (2017)" started at the same time on the bordering areas between the two countries on Jun 27, 2017, aiming to comprehensively test the progress made by China and Kyrgyzstan in the deployment of troops, mobile combat, joint command, cooperation and coordinationand joint combat on violent terrorist activities.

The exercise has opened a new chapter in international cooperation in law enforcement under the framework of the SCO.

The scenario of the exercise is a group of violent terrorists fleeing into Kyrgyzstan's territory on the border between China and Kyrgyzstan and attempting to smuggle weapons into China for terrorist activities.

The three subjects of the exercise include anti-assault operations, joint command operations and operations to eliminate terrorist camps. The exercise covers border checks, mountainous border area checks, border police station or on duty point anti-assaults, mountain combats and 15 other actual-troop subjects.

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